Dental services: health and aesthetics

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Today there are many different types of dental services are available. In comprehensive dental care services, patients with any type of dental problem can be easily cured and prevent a perfect smile.

Let us find out some of the key dental services:

Dental Implants:

It is important to replace lost teeth to avoid future health and aesthetic problems. Implants are the best solution to the loss of one or several teeth.

For several reasons, we firmly believe in the importance of replacing the lost dental pieces as soon as possible and that is the treatment of dental implants avoids certain problems in the oral health of people:

  • With the loss of a dental piece, there is a real risk that the rest of the teeth will begin to move and also end up falling. In addition, dental hygiene is diminished and the risks increase.
  • The teeth adjacent to the missing piece can occupy the empty space, allowing some teeth to begin to move and dislodge from their area. This causes them to increase their chances of suffering from different types of diseases and gum damage.
  • The maxillary bone begins to atrophy and ends up losing itself.

Also, the aesthetic importance must be taken into account, and that is through an implant treatment we get your teeth to look the best of the smiles and are perfectly placed.

Dental aesthetics:

With dental aesthetics, you can solve all the problems that do not let you smile freely, like poorly positioned teeth, spaces between teeth, inclinations, broken teeth, sharp teeth, too low, and etc.

This type of dental aesthetic treatments can be very varied and directed to different problems such as whitening teeth for whiter teeth, aesthetic veneers for broken teeth or orthodontics for the correct placement of your teeth.

Proper oral health and good dental aesthetics go hand in hand. Experts in aesthetic dentistry will help you achieve both so you can show off your smile.

Orthodontics is a branch or specialty of dentistry designed to correct all those defects in the position of the teeth that can affect aesthetically and functionally the occlusion of them.

Dental orthodontic treatment:

Orthodontic treatment can be indicated for people of any age, in children once they have already performed the tooth replacement and in adults of any age.

But it is important to note that treatments in young people tend to be faster because it can be done more easily the movement of dental pieces, while in adults from age 50 it could take a little longer, depending on the complexity of the case the duration of the treatment can be determined.

Aligning the teeth is easier to get rid of the remains of food that accumulate in the inter-dental area, which favors the duration of the teeth in the mouth and promotes the appearance of the gums. That improves the patient’s self-esteem and physical and mental well-being.

An orthodontic treatment performed by specialists brings a lot of benefits. It improves the aesthetic appearance of the teeth, facial expression, giving an appearance of rejuvenation, and facilitates oral hygiene

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